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By RamiX / 31/03/2022

Most important differences between Modbus and BACnet

Modbus & BACnet are two of the most common standard in the building automation and industrial sectors. Both dominate these...

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Building management system, Energy Management
By RamiX / 03/02/2021

Building readiness during epidemic period – By has just released the 2021 update for building readiness during the current COVID19 epidemic. Here We provide a summary...

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Mindolife wireless Modbus wiring example
Building management system, Energy Management, IoT
By RamiX / 14/09/2020

Modbus protocol disadvantages & limitations

In this article, we will overview some of the limitations and disadvantages of the common protocol called Modbus. We at...

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By RamiX / 27/05/2018

Meet us at the TechCrunch TelAviv 2018 – June 7

MindoLife team will provide a unique insight into our company and technology. come and have a look at some of the...

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IoT Makers Projects
By admin / 01/03/2018

Controlling lights with eye blinks

On this video, we will see a cool project that enables people to control lights using a brain neurofeedback signals....

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Events, Smart home
By admin / 19/12/2017

An exciting meeting about Smart homes future

Hybrid and The Junction are happy to invite you to The Smart Home, where we talk about the future of...

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IoT, Smart home
By admin / 22/10/2016

For those who wonder how TV and fridge can interrupt the internet

These days a dramatic thing had happened without us noticing - from inside of our walls, in our saloons and kitchens, the "things" are waging war against us and are said to be growing up in numbers on every passing day!

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By admin / 23/09/2016

Article about MindoLife company, Team and Reality

a great article by Mr. Atsushi-san (寺岡 篤志) about MindoLife team, and reality in the Startup nation ecosystem

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Events, Press, Smart home
By admin / 09/05/2016

Mr.Rosenthal, Co-Founder &Chief Security Officer at MindoLife will participate at the ISO/IEC JTC 1

I am very happy to represent Israel and MindoLife in the ISO committee of IoT

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By admin / 01/03/2016

Forbes magazin mapped the IoT israeli startups

"Dubin mentioned to me that the strength of Israel in industries like cybersecurity, agriculture, and healthcare plays a major role in this. When you combine this with the know-how of Israeli entrepreneurs in areas like machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics which is ingrained in Israelis when serving the army, the potential is there for the creation of some big IoT companies."

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