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Demo & Screen shots

IoT Energy management system overview.

BMS & BEMS Dashboard
Let's see how things will work.

MindoLife IoT energy management system Demo

Let’s look at the main features of our BMS Dashboard and mobile application. An energy management system that will enable you to limit and control the overall power consumption.

See the complete list of features.

Advanced automation engine for saving power
Secured remote control with mobile and browser
Instant alerting and notifications
Unlimited buildings and users

Energy management system

Control and monitor your devices from the Gateway management screen

Take control over your building’s power consumption. 

  1. Groups – define groups of devices according to actual segments in your building or according to any other relevant criteria. For example, group together all the HVAC devices of a given floor/area than set rules and/or limitations that will apply to all of the group’s participants.
  2. Devices section lets you see all of your devices to manage, control, and monitor them.

Set up a daily scheduled action

Create a daily schedule to perform an action at a specific time every day or on selected weekdays.

In this example, we schedule an event that turns on a device, changes the fan speed to 1 and sets the temperature to 25 in all of the devices of the group on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3:00 PM.

Setting up a Recurring action with time range restriction.

Create a recurring action with limited time.

For example a rule that turns off the AC every 30 minutes between 3:00 PM (15:00) and 7:00 AM. Such automation is beneficial in a school, university, or college. It will turn off the ACs after finishing school/study hours, and in case the administration staff turns on any AC after school hours, it will turn off automatically.

We've got answers

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many buildings can I manage with my account?

Your account can manage an unlimited number of buildings. 
All of the managed buildings are listed and can be accessed individually

2.How much electricity the system will save?

It depends on the building's typical power consumption. An estimation for power saving in a school would be roughly that of 30%, in a Hotel, it can reach up to 40% of saving. For offices, the estimated power saving would be around 25%.

3.What are the requirements for the HVAC system?

The system can manage all types of air conditions and heating systems. We will provide the suitable devices to fit the existing HVAC devices that are used.

4.Do I need to buy new air-conditions to save power?

You could, but the system is designed to achieve power consumption savings regardless of the used equipment

5.Which devices can be controlled?

MindoLife IoT energy management system provides control over lighting systems and HVAC systems. In addition it can provide a set of sensors (presence, temperature, air qulity) to help apply a more optimized power consumption saving.

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