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Energy management system features

  1. Secured wireless system – MindoLife IoT technology provides a unique IoT network covering small, medium, and large buildings.
    All wireless communication is fully secured with an advanced mechanism, providing a cyber security shield for the whole building.
  2. Fully automated system – MindoLife’s system will deploy all features automatically, providing highly accurate power-saving rules.
    The system will be defined as power saving units, then monitor all data from these units and automatically turn off unnecessary consumers.
  3. Management, Control & Analysis – MindoLife’s system is equipped with an advanced web system and mobile application that provides the building administrator a complete view and control over the system in real-time. This enables him to control each part of the system.
    Also, an advanced analysis will provide an overview of the system and help understand the leaks, behavior, and any other event.
  4. Full continuous updates – All system parts will remain updated with the latest features, starting from the mobile application, web system, gateway, and the covering installed behind the walls.
  5. Modular system – If you need to add new devices, it’s possible anytime without interrupting the system uptime.

Our advanced automation system

MindoLife comes with an integrated automation engine comprised of rules-based policies. It provides a configurable automation tool to be used by the system.
The automation engine consists of four schemes types:

  1. Scheduling automation – Timing a change to a set of features for unlimited devices.
    Setting an AC to be ON, its temperature to 25, and the mode to cooling on 7:00 am during the working weekdays
  2. Event-based rules – Monitoring a feature state firing on change detection of an event that may trigger a desirable scene.
    When motion is indicated from a given location, lights in that location will turn on, while at night, only a “motion detected” notification will be sent to administrators.
  3. Thresholds and ranges-based events – Rules based on exceeding a range or a threshold.
    When the CO2 level has exceeded (and still does) 1500, send a notification to all administrators.
  4. Trend-based automation – monitor trending off a given feature and trigger an event-based due to a pre-configured rule to launch a scenario.
    If the temperature is stagnant or on the rise in a given location while the AC is on and set to a cooling mode for a more substantial (configurable) amount of time – notify the building maintenance for a possible AC malfunction.


System components

List of control & monitoring equipment

Our energy management system for a building contains the following components that enable you to achieve a green building with fully automated policies for saving money.
Each building will have the following:
 Motion sensors that detect the presence of people in the defined areas.
 Temperature sensors to ensure a comfortable climate.
 IoT HVAC control units to save power by controlling all air conditions. Split ACs will be controlled with our Universal IR blaster, and central ACs and chillers will be controlled by our wireless Modbus device (Super-Modbus).
 Lighting control units for turning lights on and off when people arrive or leave.
 Base unit, Our IoT gateway, the “brain” of the system, is connected wirelessly to every other system component to collect and analyze data and generate custom optimization protocols securely.
 An advanced mobile app & Building management dashboard: granting remote access so that you can control and monitor the system from anywhere.

After the simple installation in every required room, energy saving zones will be defined for monitoring and optimization of power performance.
Each room should be defined as an individual power-saving zone and will be optimized to turn off the HVAC and lighting.

Watch a customer showcase video to understand how the system will be installed in your buildings

And visit our demo page of the energy management system