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Universal Modbus IR Blaster for controlling air conditions

MindoLife’s Universal Modbus IR Blaster for air conditions is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install device that controls air conditions using BMS.

This product offers a Modbus-RTU interface to connect to any BMS and IoT capability using the MindoLife IoT platform that integrates into MindoLife’s BMS.

The MindoLife IR-Blaster support all air-conditions that is operated with a infrared remote control, It will learn the remote control signal and configure them to be managed by our IoT BMS .
It also can control any other devices that is controlled via infrared remote control.


Unique Features:

  • Modbus RTU interface (RS485, RS232)
  • Automatic model and vendor detection.
  • Learning mode that learns IR remote commands of various electronic devices, not only air conditions.
  • GPIO for integrating other microcontrollers
  • It fully integrates MindoLife’s BMS, which adopts all automation abilities and features.
  • Wall mount
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Built-in CO2 sensor

The MindoLife IR-Blaster is preferably installed in sight of the AC-Controller and the remote control.
It will monitor the signal sent from the remote control and pass its signals received via Modbus from the BMS system.