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Industrial IoT Smart Multi Sensor

A unique IoT sensor that combines two critical sensors for climate control and energy efficiency which enables the building power management system to determine whether a room or area is occupied or consuming too much energy by AC low temperature.

The motion IoT sensor detects and reports when motion is detected in the covered area, or after a silence detected (no motion for specified timeslot).
The temperature IoT sensor will report the measured temperature at different points in the area, which will provide better accuracy for the HVAC system to achieve the desired temperature without losing much power. Also, an unusual measured temperature will indicate the miss-use of the HVAC system, which will be automatically optimized and adapted by MindoLife building power management system.


  1. Detection of motion & no motion in a room or area.
  2. Measures the temperature in the closest atmosphere.
  3. Working in 12v
  4. IoT based