Smart home systems

Smart home systems

Smart home systems are the way of the future

Smart home systems’ products are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Smart home systems are installed in new housing developments are becoming commonplace. Home security systems that can be remotely monitored by the homeowner are increasing at unprecedented rates. Downloadable media to be displayed on home theater screens are putting video stores out of business. The newest technologies of today are the everyday applications of tomorrow. Investing in smart home systems allows you to lead the way instead of following.

Join the IoT through the smart home systems

If you are looking to be innovative, whether by offering your branded smart home systems or by offering smart home products, MindoLife can bring you a solution that fit your needs.

Mindolife’s smart home system includes a central base unit and an unlimited amount of controlled devices, including switches, plugs, and sensors. The kits also include smart boxes that connect to “non-smart” devices, such as light switches, power outlets or your coffee machine, enabling every aspect of your home to be controlled and monitored directly from any iOS or Android device and location The system adapts to your preferences over time, and will alert you immediately when any action is required, enabling efficient decision-making from anywhere.

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