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IoT has the power to transform the modern home into a secured smart home.

While individual devices are simple to operate, each has its own configuration requirements and interface limitations. The promise of IoT is to connect all devices into a single entity which can be easily accessed and controlled at any time.

Featured home IoT appliances, made by our partners and customers

By using MindoLifes platform for developing your Home IoT application, you will

Get a P.O.C after 2 weeks


Decrease time to market


Lower project risks


Decrease security risks

Start building IoT solutions with CyberThings.

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The latest smart home publications

Events, Smart home
By admin / 19/12/2017

An exciting meeting about Smart homes future

Hybrid and The Junction are happy to invite you to The Smart Home, where we talk about the future of...

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IoT, Smart home
By admin / 22/10/2016

For those who wonder how TV and fridge can interrupt the internet

These days a dramatic thing had happened without us noticing - from inside of our walls, in our saloons and kitchens, the "things" are waging war against us and are said to be growing up in numbers on every passing day!

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Events, Press, Smart home
By admin / 09/05/2016

Mr.Rosenthal, Co-Founder &Chief Security Officer at MindoLife will participate at the ISO/IEC JTC 1

I am very happy to represent Israel and MindoLife in the ISO committee of IoT

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