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Do you want to upgrade your lifestyle
MindoLife revolutionizes your lifestyle. . .
Do you know what's happening in your home while you are away?
You can monitor your home from anywhere with MindoLife!
Are you aware of your energy consumption?
MindoLife offers a great way to save power and use only the needed electricity !
MindoLife - Family smart home that brings life style to your family life.
MindoLife integrates the intelligent into your home, in a simple and stylish manner.
With MindoLife you will connect and manage devices at your home, with a simple click.
You can control and monitor your entire home, all from your smartphone.
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Enjoy MindoLife
MindoLife can turn any home to a smart home with a minimal efforts... No matter if it's old or new, no need for extra wiring or infrastructures changes
Work with MindoLife
MindoLife believes in partnerships, We believe that working in international markets through a local distributors is the way to bring the highest value to the customers
What can you control?
MindoLife is a single device that can connect and manage other devices at your home, it includes smart boxes that you can connect to “non-smart” devices, such as:
Smart TV Smart electricity
Window shutters Garden electricity
Motion sensors Temperature sensors
Security systems Climate control
Value We Bring
MindoLife Home Intelligent system provide its users added value in many life aspects
Luxurious Life style
High Secured home and life
Child safety features
Elders monitoring and safety
Power saving and management